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Table 2 Identification of membrane proteins induced by exposure to subinhibitory imipenem concentrations.

From: Growth in glucose-based medium and exposure to subinhibitory concentrations of imipenem induce biofilm formation in a multidrug-resistant clinical isolate of Acinetobacter baumannii

Protein identified by MALDI-TOF and/or corresponding gene in A. baumanniiATCC 17978 Expected Molecular Weight (KDa) Protein function Conditions in which proteins are produced Gene expression in the presence of imipenem (fold induction)
OprC (A1S_0170) 67,700 Putative outer membrane copper receptor Both in control and in imipenem-induced cultures N.D.
(A1S_1921) 71,742 Ferrichrome-iron receptor Imipenem-induced cultures 3.51
(A1S_1063) 73,034 TonB-dependent siderophore receptor Imipenem-induced cultures 3.39
  1. Genes encoding the identified proteins are identified with the annotation number for A. baumanni ATCC 17978 strain [52].