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Figure 1

From: Staphylococcus aureus biofilm formation at the physiologic glucose concentration depends on the S. aureus lineage

Figure 1

Congo Red Agar screening of S. aureus isolates. CRA screening for S. aureus with a dry crystalline colony morphology, which was considered indicative for slime formation. (a) The black bar (not visible, 0%) represents MRSA (n = 72), the dark grey bar represents MSSA with MRSA associated MLST CCs (n = 75) and the light grey bar represents MSSA with MSSA associated MLST CCs (n = 81). Asterisks denote statistically significant difference P < 0.01 (a) and statistically significant difference of individual CCs versus all other associated MLST CCs (b) P < 0.01.

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