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Figure 3

From: High-level chromate resistance in Arthrobactersp. strain FB24 requires previously uncharacterized accessory genes

Figure 3

Schematic of constructs used in complementation experiments with strain D11. Panel A: 10.6 kb region of FB24 plasmid 3. Numbers correspond to the following genes: Arth_4255 (chrJ), Arth_4254 (ChrB-Cterm), Arth_4253 (ChrB-Nterm), Arth_4252 (chrK), Arth_4251 (SCHR), Arth_4249 (ChrB-Cterm2), Arth_4248 (ChrA6), Arth_4247 (chrL). Genes present in each of the constructs and chromate resistance levels on 0.1X NA plates. NG = No growth. D11 transformed with vector pART2 only did not grow on Cr. Panel B: Designated gene names and corresponding gene numbers used within text.

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