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Figure 1

From: High-level chromate resistance in Arthrobactersp. strain FB24 requires previously uncharacterized accessory genes

Figure 1

Phylogenetic Tree of ChrA Orthologs. Phylogenetic tree of LCHR proteins generated from a subset of the alignment of 513 putative chromate ion transport sequences using ClustalX and default setting for Gonnet series for protein weight matrix (34). Neighbor Joining tree graphically viewed using the FigTree program Branched tips labeled with Uniprot protein accession number, sequence name and species name. Sequences with function supported with experimental data marked with asterisk. Scale bar indicates 0.06 amino acid substitutions per site. Branch ends labeled with bootstrap values >50%. Full tree available in the figure in Additional file 1 and all sequences used are listed in the table provided in Additional file 2.

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