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Table 4 Nutrient-acquisition, replication and virulence genes expressed differentially* by the BALF-exposed malT mutant

From: malT knockout mutation invokes a stringent type gene-expression profile in Actinobacillus pleuropneumoniae in bronchoalveolar fluid

Type of the product encoded by the differentially expressed gene Up-regulated genes Down-regulated genes
Biofilm-formation proteins pgaA, pgaC, tadF, apfB  
Toxin apxIVA  
Factors imparting resistance to antimicrobials   ostA, ccp
Peptidoglycan and LPS biosynthetic enzymes cpxD, mrdA dacA, murA, mltA, dacB, mreD, fbB1, kdsB, gmhA
Membrane proteins ompP1 ompW, oapB
Amino acid transporters   brnQ, sdaC
Carbohydrate transporter mtlA ptsB, rbsD
Iron transport proteins cbiO exbD2, afuB_2, frpB, yfeC, exbB2
Protein/peptide transport proteins dppF  
Other cation transporters   ptsN
Cell division fic  
Lipid transporters glpF  
Factors involved in adaptation to unusual environment relA  
DNA transformation comEA, comF  
DNA degradation proteins xseA  
DNA replication, recombination proteins recG, rdgC, recJ xerC, recR, priB, polA, ligA, recA,
Protein-fate proteins htpX, prlC ecfE
Nucleotide metabolism enzymes purC, purD, purT  
Phopholipid and fatty acid biosynthesis and degradation enzymes namA accA, fabD
  1. * Differential expression of a gene in the malT mutant is relative to the level of expression of the gene in the wild-type organism (reference sample). For complete gene names and the fold changes in gene expression see Additional file 1: Analyzed microarray data.