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Table 7 Influence of fluorescent Pseudomonas on soil properties after 90 days in maize in Environment Control Chamber.

From: Organic acid production in vitro and plant growth promotion in maize under controlled environment by phosphate-solubilizing fluorescent Pseudomonas

    Available nutrients (%)
Treatment pH OM (%) N P K Ca
NP0K 6.73a 3.40ghi 0.044hij 0.0015kl 0.020fgh 0.032i
NPTCPK 6.63ab 3.63defghi 0.049efgh 0.0021ghij 0.025cde 0.038h
NPSSPK 6.50abc 3.48efghi 0.046fghi 0.0025defg 0.022efg 0.033hi
NPTCPK+Pt BIHB 728 6.26abcd 3.90bcde 0.052def 0.0019ijkl 0.025cde 0.069bc
NPTCPK+Pt BIHB 736 6.23bcd 3.42fghi 0.057bcd 0.0026defg 0.024def 0.057fg
NPTCPK+Pt BIHB 745 5.93d 4.17ab 0.065a 0.0038a 0.033ab 0.085a
NPTCPK+Pt BIHB 747 6.02cd 4.13abc 0.062ab 0.0027cdef 0.030abc 0.081a
NPTCPK+Pt BIHB 749 6.12cd 3.57efghi 0.042ijk 0.0024efgh 0.029bc 0.074b
NPTCPK+Pt BIHB 750 6.24bcd 3.55efghi 0.039jkl 0.0019ijkl 0.019fgh 0.080a
NPTCPK+Pt BIHB 757 5.93d 3.79bcdefg 0.059bc 0.0024efgh 0.026cde 0.070bc
NPTCPK+Pt BIHB 759 6.20bcd 4.00abcd 0.040jk 0.0022fghi 0.022efgh 0.072b
NPTCPK+Pt BIHB 763 6.18bcd 3.82bcdefg 0.039kl 0.0028cde 0.018gh 0.058ef
NPTCPK+Pt BIHB 769 6.30abcd 3.29i 0.046ghi 0.0026cdef 0.027cde 0.059e
NPTCPK+Pp BIHB 730 6.23bcd 3.55efghi 0.050efg 0.0020hijkl 0.027cde 0.052g
NPTCPK+Pp BIHB 752 6.17bcd 3.89bcde 0.037kl 0.0020hijk 0.018gh 0.057fg
NPTCPK+Pp BIHB 808 6.21bcd 3.43fghi 0.049fgh 0.0017ijkl 0.022efg 0.061de
NPTCPK+Pf BIHB 740 6.25bcd 3.85bcdef 0.055cde 0.0021ghij 0.027cde 0.072b
NPTCPK+P sp BIHB 751 6.33abcd 3.43fghi 0.034l 0.0016jkl 0.017h 0.053fg
NPTCPK+P sp BIHB 756 6.13bcd 4.32a 0.060abc 0.0033b 0.035a 0.072b
NPTCPK+P sp BIHB 804 6.18bcd 3.74cdefgh 0.049efgh 0.0015l 0.028bcd 0.069bc
NPTCPK+P sp BIHB 811 6.19bcd 4.06abc 0.051efg 0.0031bc 0.022efg 0.062de
NPTCPK+P sp BIHB 813 6.17bcd 3.36hi 0.049fgh 0.0030bcd 0.025cde 0.065cd
  1. Values are the mean of 8 replicates. N and K applied as ammonium sulfate @ 240 kg N/ha, and muriate of potash @ 80 kg K/ha to all the treatments, respectively. TCP = tricalcium phosphate (120 kg P/ha). SSP = single super phosphate (120 kg P/ha). Values with common letters in each column do not differ statistically according to Duncan's Multiple Range Test at p ≤ 0.01. Pt = P. trivialis, Pp = P. poae, Pf = P. fluorescens, and P sp = Pseudomonas sp.