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Table 1 Bacterial strains and plasmids

From: msbB deletion confers acute sensitivity to CO2 in Salmonella enterica serovar Typhimurium that can be suppressed by a loss-of-function mutation in zwf

Strain or plasmid Parental strain Genotype Derivation or source
S. enterica serovar Typhimurium    
14028 14028 Wild type ATCC 14028
14028Δzwf 14028 Δzwf82 Replacement of zwf gene with Δzwf82 by homologous recombination
14028 gnd 14028 gnd-189::MudJ (KanR) P22·DM4483 × 14028 → Kan40R
YS1646(=VNP20009) 14028 ΔmsbB2 ΔpurI ΔSuwwan [9, 31]
VNP20057 YS1646 ΔmsbB2 ΔpurI zwf81::Tn5 (KanR) ΔSuwwan YS1646 × P22 Tn5 pool (on 14028) → selection on LB plates in 5% CO2
YS1 14028 msbB1::Ωtet [4]
YS1 msbB+ YS1 msbB1::Ωtet/pSM21msbB+ (AmpR) Plasmid pSM21 [4] into YS1
YS1 zwf(=YS11) YS1 msbB1::Ωtet zwf:Tn5 (KanR) P22·VNP20057 × YS1 → Kan20R
YS873 14028 msbB1::Ωtet somA1 zbj10:Tn10 [4]
YS873 msbB+ (=YS8731) YS873 msbB1::Ωtet somA1 zbj10:Tn10/pSM21msbB+ (AmpR) Plasmid pSM21 [4] into YS873
YS873 zwf(=YS8732) YS873 msbB1::Ωtet somA1 zbj10:Tn10 zwf81:Tn5 (KanR) P22·VNP20057 × YS873 → Kan20R
YS873 Δzwf (=YS8733) YS873 msbB1::Ωtet somA1 zbj10:Tn10 Δzwf82 Replacement of zwf81::Tn5 gene in YS873zwf with Δzwf82 by homologous recombination
YS873 gnd (=YS8734) YS873 msbB1::Ωtet somA1 zbj10:Tn10 gnd-189::MudJ (KanR) P22·DM4483 × YS873 → Kan10R
LT2 LT2 Wild type ATCC 15277
DM4483 LT2 gnd-189::MudJ (KanR) Gift of Diana Downs and Eugene I. Vivas, U. of Wisconsin
YS501 LT2 recD541::Tn10 dCm hsdSA29 hsdSB121 hsdL6 metA22 metE551 trpC2 ilv-452 H1-b H2-e,n,x fla-66 nml(-) rpsL120 xyl-404 galE719 [5]
Salmonella enterica serovar Typhi CS029    
Salmonella enterica serovar Typhi ATCC 33458    
E. coli K-12 MG1655 MG1655 F- l- rph-1 [32]
KL423 MG1655 F- l- rph-1 msbB1:: ΩCm [4]
pCVD442   AmpR [10]
pCVD442Δzwf 82   AmpR This study
pSP72   AmpR Promega Corporation
pSP72lacZ   lacZ, AmpR This study
pSM21   msbB, AmpR [4]