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Figure 5

From: Role of sgcR3 in positive regulation of enediyne antibiotic C-1027 production of Streptomyces globisporus C-1027

Figure 5

Transcriptional analyses of different genes in S. globisporus C-1027 and R3KO mutant. The relative abundance of sgcR1, sgcR2, sgcA1, sgcC4 and sgcR3 transcripts in mycelial patches of wild type strain and R3KO mutant grown on S5 agar plates for 48 h was determined using quantitative real time RT-PCR analysis. Data are from 2 biological samples with 2 determinations each. The values were normalized using values obtained for hrdB mRNA and represented as the mean ± SD. The amounts of each particular transcript in wild type strain were expressed as 1.

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