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Table 3 Resistance phenotype and transformability of RX derivatives with different combinations of PBP and StkP alleles

From: The highly conserved serine threonine kinase StkP of Streptococcus pneumoniae contributes to penicillin susceptibility independently from genes encoding penicillin-binding proteins

Strain Genotype MIC Pena (μg ml-1)
URA1258 Multiresistant strain closely related to Spain 23F-1 clone 0.5–1
Cp1015 Rx derivate, str1; hexA 0.016
Cp7000 Cp1015, stkP::cat 0.008
Pen1 Cp1015, penA and pbpX from URA1258, allelic exchange mutant 0.064 – 0.125
Pen2 Cp1015, penA, pbpX and pbp1A from URA1258, allelic exchange mutant 0.38 – 0.5
Pen1STK Pen1, stkP::cat 0.016 – 0.032
Pen2STK Pen2, stkP::cat 0.032 – 0.125
  1. a: MIC Pen, Minimum inhibitory concentration for penicillin. ND, not determined.