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Table 2 Using M9-TMAO media to detect the function of the Tat system in E. coli Tat mutant strains complemented with plasmids containing V. cholerae tat genes

From: Pleiotropic effects of the twin-arginine translocation system on biofilm formation, colonization, and virulence in Vibrio cholerae

Strains pBAD24 pTatABC-301 pBAD-TatABC pBAD-TatE
JARV16A (dtatAE) -a + + +
MCMTAA(dtatB) - + + -
B1LK0A (dtatC) - + + -
DADEA(dtatABCDE) - + + -
  1. a: "-" or "+" means no-growth or successful growth of the strain in TMAO minimal media under anaerobic conditions, respectively.