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Table 4 Genes showing at least four-fold higher expression levels in biofilm-forming Prevotella intermedia strain 17 than those of strain 17 in planktonic condition

From: Gene expression profile and pathogenicity of biofilm-forming Prevotella intermedia strain 17

Gene Fold change Annotation
PIN0036 4.67 Hypothetical protein
PINA0141 6.78 Lipoprotein, putative
PINA0149 12.45 Levanase, ScrL
PINA0150 6.76 Levanase, SacC
PINA0151 4.71 Glucose-galactose transporter, putative
PINA0152 4.80 Fructokinase
PINA0194 4.02 Outer membrane protein
PINA0298 10.42 Hypothetical protein
PINA0299 9.16 ECF-subfamily sigma factor (σE, putative)
PINA0300 5.62 Hypothetical protein
PINA0612 7.21 Hypothetical protein
PINA0990 4.24 Fibronectin type III domain protein
PINA1157 10.88 Hypothetical protein
PINA1452 4.24 Ribose-5-phosphate isomerase B
PINA1494 9.65 Hemin receptor, putative
PINA1510 18.41 Lipoprotein, putative
PINA1525 16.93 Hypothetical protein
PINA1526 28.60 Hypothetical protein with LTXXQ motif (CpxP, putative)
PINA1665 5.84 Hypothetical protein
PINA1807 7.24 Cell surface protein
PINA1833 4.16 AraC family transcriptional regulator
PINA1911 10.24 Polysialic acid transport protein, KpsD
PINA1931 4.06 Alkyl hydroperoxide reductase, subunit C, AhpC
PINA2066 8.94 Dps protein
PINA2119 4.99 Agmatinase, SpeC