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Table 4 Integration host factor (IHF) and histone-like (HU) genes of G. metallireducens and G. sulfurreducens.

From: The genome sequence of Geobacter metallireducens: features of metabolism, physiology and regulation common and dissimilar to Geobacter sulfurreducens

Locus Tag G. metallireducens gene G. sulfurreducens gene
ihfA-1 Gmet_1417 GSU1521
ihfA-2 none GSU2120
ihfA-3 Gmet_3057 none
ihfA-4 Gmet_3056* none
ihfB-1 Gmet_1833 GSU1746
ihfB-2 Gmet_0868 GSU2602
hup-1 Gmet_0355 GSU3132
hup-2 Gmet_1608 none
  1. *Gmet_3056 is frameshifted near the N-terminus, but may be expressed from an internal start codon.
  2. The functions and associations of the various IHF alpha (ihfA), IHF beta (ihfB), and HU (hup) genes are yet unknown, as is their correspondence to any of the predicted regulatory sites illustrated in Figures S3, S4, S5, and S6.