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Figure 4

From: Dxr is essential in Mycobacterium tuberculosisand fosmidomycin resistance is due to a lack of uptake

Figure 4

Assay of fosmidomycin detoxification by cell free extracts. Cell free extracts (CFE) were tested for inactivation of fosmidomycin. Fosmidomycin, at a final assay concentration of 20 or 200 μg/ml, was incubated with sterile 10 mM Tris pH8 (control), or M. smegmatis cell-free extract for 10 or 60 min. A 100 μl aliquot from each test sample was applied to a sterile paper disc and aseptically placed on media containing E. coli. The diameter of the zone of growth inhibition was measured. Error bars are the standard deviation of triplicate samples.

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