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Table 1 Summary of tbpB families and nomenclature used

From: Distribution of transferrin binding protein B gene (tbpB) variants among Neisseriaspecies

TbpB Family size (kb) tbpB isotype Previous designation [16, 17] Neisseriaspecies
tbpB A 1.8 I Families 2 & 3 N. meningitidis clonal complex ST-11, N. polysaccharea and N. lactamica
tbpB B 1.8 I ND N. polysaccharea, N. sicca, N. cinerea, N. mucosa, N. flava, N. subflava and N. flavescens
tbpB C 2.1 II Family 1 N. meningitidis belonging to the clonal complexes ST-32, ST-41/44, ST-8, ST-18, N. lactamica, N. polysaccharea and N. gonorrhoeae
tbpB D 2.1 II Family 4 N. meningitidis and N. lactamica
tbpB E 2.1 II ND N. gonorrhoeae