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Figure 1

From: Aedes aegyptiuses RNA interference in defense against Sindbis virus infection

Figure 1

Predicted protein domains of RNAi components used in this study compared to Drosophila orthologs. Ae aegypti orthologs: Ago2, [Vectorbase: SUPP_AEDES003395], supercontig 1.89; TSN, [Vectorbase: AAEL000293], supercontig 1.5; Dcr2, [Genbank: AY713296], supercontig 1.221. Drosophila orthologs: Ago2, [Genbank: NP_648775], chromosome 3L; Dcr2, [Genbank: NP_523778], chromosome 2R; TSN [Genbank: NP_612021], chromosome 3L. "dsRNA", dsRNA binding; "DUF", domain of unknown function; "DEAD", helicase domain; "PAZ", small RNA binding domain; "PIWI", double-stranded RNA guided RNA cleavage; "RNase", RNA nuclease; "SNase", staphylococcal nuclease; "Tudor", domain of unknown function [51].

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