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Table 1 Strains and plasmids used in this study

From: LcrG secretion is not required for blocking of Yops secretion in Yersinia pestis

Strain Relevant properties Source or reference
E. coli Novablue Y. pestis recA1 endA1 hsdR17(rK mK+) suE44 thi-1 gyrA96 relA1 lac [F'proA+ B+ lacIqZΔM15::Tn10] Novagen
KIM8-3002 pCD1 (Lcr+) pMT1 Pla- Smr [26]
KIM8-3002.7 KIM8-3002 ΔlcrG3 [LcrGΔ6-86]a [19]
pJM174 GAL4(768–881) AD LEU2 LcrG Apr [18]
pBAD18 araBAD p cloning vector, Apr [38]
pLR001 LcrG-GAL4(768–881) AD Apr This study
pLR002 pBAD18+lcrG [LcrGΔ2–6]a (M Δ2–6 D E) This study
pLR003 pBAD18+lcrG (polyserine aa 2–6)b (M S S S S S D E) This study
pLR004 pBAD18+lcrG (polyisoleucine aa 2–6)b (M I I I I I D E) This study
pLR005 pBAD18+lcrG (polyisoleucine/serine aa 2–6) b (M S I S I S D E) This study
pAraG18 pBAD18+lcrG (wild type) (M K S S H F D E) [26]
  1. aAmino acids deleted are indicated. bAmino acids changed are indicated.