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Table 1 Genes encoding for putative subunits of the vacuolar ATPase of Entamoeba histolytica

From: The Vacuolar ATPase from Entamoeba histolytica: Molecular cloning of the gene encoding for the B subunit and subcellular localization of the protein

Subunit Gene Locus Function#
A (Q24802)* Ehvma1 EHI_043010 Catalytic site and regulation
B (Q4VSM4)* Ehvma2 EHI_189850 Non-catalytic site
  ψEhvma2 122.t00032§ Involved in targeting?
C Ehvma5 EHI_059840 Assembly and activity
D Ehvma8-1 EHI_056390 Assembly and activity
  Ehvma8-2 202.t00016§  
E Ehvma4-1 9.t00012§ Assembly and activity
  Ehvma4-2 9.t00013§  
F Ehvma7 EHI_007940 Assembly and activity
G Ehvma10 94.t00029§ Assembly and activity
H Ehvma13 215.t00004§ Activity, but not assembly
a Ehvph1 EHI_074020
H+ transport, assembly, and targeting
  Ehstv1 EHI_107280  
c (Q24810)* Ehvma3 EHI_059840 H+-transport; DCCD-binding site
c" Ehvma16 289.t00003§ H+ transport
d Ehvma6 161.t00001§ Activity and assembly
  1. *UniProtKB/TrEMBL Accession number.
  2. Locus name assigned at Pathema (Bioinformatics Resource Center;
  3. §Locus with its provisional names in the E. histolytica genome project at The J. Craig Venter Institute.
  4. #Function was assigned based on reference [5].