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Figure 4

From: The Vacuolar ATPase from Entamoeba histolytica: Molecular cloning of the gene encoding for the B subunit and subcellular localization of the protein

Figure 4

The EhV-ATPase B subunit colocalized with the DNA-containing organelles (EhkOs). Trophozoites were fixed, permeabilized and incubated with anti-rEhBvac21 antibodies. Then, they were incubated with FITC-labeled goat anti-mouse antibodies and observed through a laser confocal microscope. (a, c) Immunodetection of EhV-ATPase B found within two different planes of the same cell (green channel). (b, d) Sections observed in (a) and (c), respectively, showing the DNA staining (red channel). (e) Merge of green and red fluorescence emissions shown in (a) through (d) which correspond to the two cellular planes mentioned before. (f) Cell from panels (a)-(e) observed by light microscopy. (g) EhV-ATPaseB localization in a section of another cell observed in green channel. (h) Same plane as (g), but observed in red channel. (i) Merge of fluorescence signals emitted in (g) and (h). (j) Cells of panels (g)-(i) observed by light microscopy. (k) Cells incubated only with secondary antibodies as a negative control and observed in green channel (maximal projection). (l) Cells of negative control observed by light microscopy. Arrows indicate EhkOs.

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