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Figure 1

From: The Vacuolar ATPase from Entamoeba histolytica: Molecular cloning of the gene encoding for the B subunit and subcellular localization of the protein

Figure 1

Organization of the Ehvma2 gene. (a) Ehvma2 gene is structured by exons E1 (1–64 nt) and E2 (200–1,626 nt) separated by an intron (I) of 135 bp (65–199 nt). Arrows show position Bvac-S-1 (sense) and Bvac-AS-833 (antisense) primers used in PCR with genomic DNA (gDNA) and RT-PCR. Predicted lengths of DNA amplified from gDNA (833 bp) and from cDNA (700 bp) are also shown. (b) EtBr stained 4% PAGE gel. Lane 1, 100 bp DNA ladder; lane 2, DNA amplified by RT-PCR; lane 3, DNA amplified with gDNA; lane 4, negative control of RT-PCR where no reverse transcriptase was used. (c) Structure of EhV-ATPaseB showing the beta-barrel domain (D-I), the nucleotide-binding domain (D-II), the C-terminal domain found in the ATP synthase alpha/beta family (D-III), the putative actin-binding site, the BzATP-binding site sequence, and the signature of ATP synthase alpha and beta subunits.

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