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Figure 1

From: Imbalances in faecal and duodenal Bifidobacterium species composition in active and non-active coeliac disease

Figure 1

Correlations of bifidobacterial groups of faecal and duodenal biopsy samples from all children (active and non-active CD patients and controls) under study. Data represent the positive samples. The line in the box is the median (50% percentile), with the lower line the lower 25% border (25% percentile) and the upper line the 75% (75% percentile) border. The end of the upper vertical line is the maximum data value, outliers not considered. The end of the lower vertical line is the lowest value, outliers not considered. The separate dots or asterisks indicate outliers. Significant differences (P < 0.050) were found between faeces and biopsy levels of every bifidobacterial group analysed when considering all subjects.

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