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Table 2 SCOTS identified genes exclusively expressed by 72 h in vitro cultures

From: Moraxella osloensis Gene Expression in the Slug Host Deroceras reticulatum

Seq Gene Accession %Identity/similaritya E-value Spanb Possible functionc
Mo1 ala DQ904630 87/94, Flavobacterium 1e-27 86 Actin-like ATPase
Mo2 tra DQ904631 72/78, Psychrobacter 6e-13 52 Transposase
Mo3 ubiS DQ904632 97/100, Moraxella 1e-12 47 Ubiquinone synthesis
Mo4 int DQ904633 75/84, Psychrobacter 3e-21 105 Integrase
Mo5   DQ324278 80/90, Psychrobacter 1e-46 110 Conserved protein
Mo6 top DQ324269 71/88, Psychrobacter 2e-28 80 Topoisomerase
Mo7 pol DQ904634 38/58, Psychrobacter 4e-17 134 DNA polymerase
Mo8 acs DQ904635 64/82, Acinetobacter 3e-24 79 Acyl-CoA synthetase
Mo9    No similarity    Unknown
  1. a %Identity/%Similarity percentages apply to amino acids.
  2. b Span means the number of amino acids over which similarity was detected.
  3. c Genes with highest similarity to SCOTS identified sequences.