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Table 2 Bacterial strains

From: Transcriptional regulation of subclass 5b fimbriae

Strain Description Source or reference
KS1000 K-12; F' lacIq lac+pro+/araΔ(lac-proprc::kan eda51::Tn10 gyrA rpoB thi-1 argI(am) New England Biolabs
MC4100 K-12; F- araD139 Δ (argF-lac)U169 rpsL150 relA1 deoC1 ptsF25 rbsR [36]
WS6788A ETEChuman; CS17+ LT+ O8:H9 [18]
WS0115A ETEChuman; CS19+ LT+ ST+ O114:H--- [18]
WS2173A ETEChuman; PCFO71+ LT+ O71:H4 [18]
GPM1133 MC4100 attBHK022::pCS17Lac2 CS17p(-134 to +544)::lacZYA This study
GPM1155 MC4100 attBHK022::pCS17Lac4 CS17p(-134 to +544, csbB2o1)::lacZYA This study
GPM1141 MC4100 attBHK022::pCS17Lac3 CS17p(-134 to +544, csbB1o1)::lacZYA This study
GPM1232 MC4100 attBHK022::pCS17Lac5 CS17p(-134 to +544, csbB2o1 csbB1o1)::lacZYA This study
GPM1134 MC4100 attBHK022::pCS19Lac2 CS19p(-133 to +545)::lacZYA This study
GPM1156 MC4100 attBHK022::pCS19Lac3 CS19p(-133 to +545, csdB2o1)::lacZYA This study
GPM1142 MC4100 attBHK022::pCS19Lac4 CS19p(-133 to +545, csdB1o1)::lacZYA This study
GPM1234 MC4100 attBHK022::pCS19Lac5 CS19p(-133 to +545, csdB2o1 csdB1o1)::lacZYA This study
GPM1131 MC4100 attBHK022::pCFO71Lac2 PCFO71p(-208 to +541)::lacZYA This study
GPM1157 MC4100 attBHK022::pCFO71Lac4 PCFO71p(-208 to +541, cosB2o1)::lacZYA This study
GPM1158 MC4100 attBHK022::pCFO71Lac3 PCFO71p(-208 to +541, cosB1o1)::lacZYA This study
GPM1235 MC4100 attBHK022::pCFO71Lac5 PCFO71p(-208 to +541, cosB2o1 cosB1o1)::lacZYA This study
  1. Numbering of promoter sequences is relative to their Rns–dependent transcription start sites.