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Table 3 Haplotypes observed in this study, as identified through sequencing

From: Microbiological and 16S rRNA analysis of sulphite-reducing clostridia from river sediments in central Italy

Species Sequence Length1 Origin GenBank Accession
C. bifermentans 673 ENV EF153846
C. bifermentans 674 ENV EF153847
C. bifermentans 673 ENV EF153848
C. bifermentans 673 ENV EF153853
C. bifermentans 673 ENV EF153859
C. bifermentans 673 ENV EF153860
C. bifermentans 673 ENV EF153861
C. ghoni 672 ENV EF153862
C. ghoni 677 ENV EF153864
C. ghoni 673 ENV EF153865
C. ghoni 674 ENV EF153866
C. ghoni 673 ENV EF153867
C. ghoni 673 ENV EF153868
C. glycolicum 673 ENV EF153869
C. glycolicum 673 ENV EF153870
C. perfringens 673 ENV EF153871
C. perfringens 672 ENV EF153873
C. perfringens 672 ENV EF153911
C. perfringens 672 ENV EF153912
C. perfringens 672 ENV EF153913
C. perfringens 672 ENV EF153915
C. perfringens 672 ENV EF153916
C. perfringens 672 ENV EF153917
C. perfringens 672 ENV EF153918
C. barati 672 ENV EF153919
C. barati 672 ENV EF153921
C. thiosulfatireducens 672 ENV EF153922
C. thiosulfatireducens 672 ENV EF153925
C. butyricum 676 ENV EF153926
B. cereus 701 ENV EF153927
B. cereus 699 ENV EF153928
  1. 1 Length of sequence used in BLAST search