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Table 1 Strains and plasmid used in this study.

From: Cinnamaldehyde and cinnamaldehyde derivatives reduce virulence in Vibrio spp. by decreasing the DNA-binding activity of the quorum sensing response regulator LuxR

Strain/plasmid Relevant features Reference or source
Vibrio harveyi strains   
   BB120 Wild type from which strains BB152, BB170, MM30, JAF553, JAF483 and BNL258 are derived [9]
   BB170 luxN::Tn5 [7]
   MM30 luxS::Tn5 [10]
   JAF553 luxU H58A linked to KanR [48]
   JAF483 luxO D47A linked to KanR [14]
   BNL258 hfq::Tn5lacZ [49]
Vibrio anguillarum   
   LMG 4411 Isolated from young sea trout (Salmo trutta) BCCM/LMG
Vibrio vulnificus   
   LMG 16867 Isolated from tankwater from eelfarm BCCM/LMG
Escherichia coli strains   
   DH5α AI-2 - strain [23]
ATCC 25404
AI-2+ strain [23]
   pBlueLux pBluelux polylinker and luxCDABE S. Atkinson
  1. BCCM/LMG: Belgian Co-ordinated Collections of Micro-organisms/Laboratory of Microbiology collection (Ghent University, Belgium); ATCC: American Type Culture Collection