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Table 1 Conserved degenerate primers for the luxS and sahH gene. The luxS gene of Vibrio harveyi and the sahH gene of Rhodobacter sphaeroides served as the reference sequences for primer binding.

From: Potential for luxS related signalling in marine bacteria and production of autoinducer-2 in the genus Shewanella

Name Sequence (5'-3') Length Degeneracy Ann. Temp. Start pos.
LuxS_degfor3 CAT TAT TAG ATA GCT TTA CAD TNG AYC AYA 30 bp 48 48°C 4
LuxS_degrev4 AGC GAG TGC ATC TGA TAA GWN CCR CAY TS 29 bp 64 48°C 410
LuxS_gammafor1 TRG ATA GCT TTA CHG TTG ACC ATA C 25 bp 6 48°C 11
LuxS_gammarev2 TAR AAR CCN GTR CGA CAT CCC AT 23 bp 32 48°C 263
SahH_degfor GAS GAS ACN ACN ACN GGN GT 20 bp 1024 46°C 562
SahH_degrev TCV DWR TCR AAR TGD CCR ATR TT 23 bp 1728 46°C 1009
SahH_alphafor GCH GAR ACV GAR ATG CCS GGB YT 23 bp 432 60°C 64
SahH_alpharev GAR CCY TTR CCS ACR TYR CCR WA 23 bp 512 60°C 788