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Figure 2

From: Polymorphism, genetic exchange and intragenic recombination of the aureolysin gene among Staphylococcus aureusstrains

Figure 2

Sequence comparison of metalloproteases from S. aureus. The deduced amino acid sequence represented by: strain 3498 is shared by alleles aur1 and aur2; strain HIP11983 is shared by alleles aur3 and aur5; strain 24 is characteristic for allele aur4; strain 1899 is characteristic for allele aur6; strain 3502 is characteristic for allele aur7; strain 481 is characteristic for allele aur8; strain 400 is shared by alleles aur9, aur10 and aur12; strain151 is shared by alleles aur11, aur13 and aur14; strain 272 is characteristic for allele aur15; strain 1678 is characteristic for allele aur16; strain103 is characteristic for allele aur17; strain 93 is shared by alleles aur18 and aur24; strain 125 is characteristic for allele aur19; strain C115 is shared by alleles aur20 and aur21; strain 1791 is shared by alleles aur22 and aur23. Black shading indicates identical amino acids. The arrowhead A indicates the predicted site of cleavage by signal peptidase; the arrowhead designated B shows the cleavage site of properly processed mature metalloprotease; and arrowhead C shows the cleavage site of the truncated mature form. The deduced amino acid sequences for strains V8-BC10 [12] and NCTC 8325 are identical to those for strains 93 and 3498, respectively. The figure was generated with Genedoc software (version 2.6.02) [33].

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