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Table 2 Compilation of residues relevant for substrate recognition in S. cerevisiae and M. musculus furin.

From: Processing of predicted substrates of fungal Kex2 proteinases from Candida albicans, C. glabrata, Saccharomyces cerevisiae and Pichia pastoris

# ScKex2 MmFurin Pocket Reference
a D175 D153 S2 [29]
b D176 D154 S2 [29]
c D210 D191 S2 [29]
d D211 N192 S2 [29]
e Y212 R193 S3' S1' [31, 32] This work
f H213 H194 S1' [32]
g R216 R197 S3' [32]
h I245 M226 S4 [29]
i L246 L227 S4 [29]
J I250 V231 S4 [29]
k T252 D233 S4, S6 [67]
l D254 V235 S4 [29]
m E255 E236 S4 [29, 67]
n W273 W254 S4 [29]
o A276 E257 S3, S5 [32, 29]
p D277 D258 S1 [29]
q D278 D259 S5 [32]
r H281 T262 S5 [32]
s Q283 D264 S4, S6 [67]
t A311 A292 S1 [29]
u N314 N295 S1 [68]
v T317 R298 S2' [31]
w R318 E299 S2' [31]
x D320 D301 S1 [29]
y D325 D306 S1 [29]
z Y327 Y308 S4 [31]
A P347 W328 S2' [31, 32]
B Y348 Y329 S2' [31]
C E350 E331 S1 [29]
F Y367 Q350 S4' This work
G H369 - S4' This work
H N379 E362 S4' This work
D S380 S363 S3' S4' [31] This work
E H381 H364 S1' [32]
  1. Residues relevant for substrate recognition given in the literature or identified in this study were compiled. Column a: Residues were numbered "a" trough "E". The identical numbering was also used in Figure 6 and Figure 7; columns 2 and 3: The respective analogous residues in ScKex2 (Genebank accession no. CAA96143) and MmFurin (Genebank accession no. CAA37988) are given along with the reference.