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Table 2 Phage catagories based on phage genome size and HhaI restriction patterns

From: Characterization of Campylobacter phages including analysis of host range by selected Campylobacter Penner serotypes

Category Genome size HhaI Pattern (figure 1) Phage name
I ~194 Kb Uncut F325~*
II a ~140 Kb 5 bands F341~*, F346
II b ~140 Kb 5 bands + 2 weak bands F336~*
II c ~140 Kb 4 bands F198~*
II d ~140 Kb 3 bands F287~, F326, F303*
II e ~140 Kb 2 bands + 1 weak band F207, F267~, F268
III ND* ND F14~*
  1. ~Phage used in figure 1 to illustrate the restriction pattern of the REA groups.
  2. * Phages studied by TEM.
  3. #ND, Not Determined