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Table 1 Overview of investigated samples and isolated phages

From: Characterization of Campylobacter phages including analysis of host range by selected Campylobacter Penner serotypes

Origin of samples Enrichment Number of investigated samples Number of phage positive samples Names of isolated phages (Isolation strain)
Broiler intestine No 222 4 F14 (NCTC 12662)
     F198 (NCTC 12662)
     F341 (NCTC 12658)
     F346 (NCTC 12658)
Duck intestine No 7 3 F287 (NCTC 12662)
     F325 (NCTC 12662)
     F326 (NCTC 12662)
     F336 (Lab. no.1447)
Broiler abattoir Yes 80 5 F267 (NCTC 12662)
     F268 (NCTC 12662)
     Three isolates were unstable under lab conditions (NCTC 12662).
Duck abattoir Yes 3 2 F207 (NCTC 12662)
     F303 (NCTC 12662)