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Table 1 Regions of Diversity in S. pneumoniae and their function

From: Regions of Diversity 8, 9 and 13 contribute to Streptococcus pneumoniae virulence

Regions of Diversity % GC content Genes included in RD: TIGR annotation Size (Kbp) Encoded virulence determinants Ref. cited
RD1 Typical SP0067-75 10.0 ZmpC; zinc metalloproteinase C 10,11
RD3 Atypical SP0346-360 16.4 capsular polysacharide synthesis operon 12
RD4 Typical SP0641-649 18.5 RlrA pathogenicity islet 13–15
RD6 Highly Atypical SP1028-1065 30.3 PPI1, pneumococcal pathogenicity island I 16–19
RD10 Highly Atypical SP1755-1772 36.2 PsrP-secY2A2 pathogenicity island 8
RD2 Typical SP0163-171 6.3 n/a  
RD5 Typical SP0691-700 4.9 n/a  
RD7 Atypical SP1129-1147 10.6 n/a  
RD8 Atypical SP1315-1351 40.3 n/a  
RD9 Typical SP1612-1622 9.8 n/a  
RD11 Atypical SP1828-1831 3.7 n/a  
RD12 Highly Atypical SP1947-1957 11.1 n/a  
RD13 Typical SP2158-2166 10.9 n/a  
  1. As described by Tettelin et al. [4, 7].