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Table 2 Cross-reactivity of epiA and epiB polypeptides with affinity-purified anti-epiA antibodies PaP

From: Identification of a human immunodominant B-cell epitope within the immunoglobulin A1 protease of Streptococcus pneumoniae

Antibody source IgG Rec-ELISA (OD) PbP
Sera mixture 2.802 1.332 2.866 0.256
Anti-epiA (150 ng mL-1) 2.107 2.124 2.274 0.092
Anti-epiA (30 ng mL-1) 0.601 0.609 0.660 0.047
  1. Pa PRecombinant antigens were PPanalyzed by IgG Rec-ELISA with a homogeneos mixture of human sera (diluted 1:50) or with affinity-purified anti-epiA antibodies
  2. Pb PThe cutoff values for the IgG Rec-ELISA with the recombinant GST-epiA, GST-epiB, and GST-SP4 proteins were calculated as two times the OD readings obtained with the GST. Boldface type, OD values greater than the cutoff values.