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Table 1 Presence and absence of the 8 LPS genes studied among 23 H. pylori strains

From: Population-associated differences between the phase variable LPS biosynthetic genes of Helicobacter pylori

Strain name Population HP0651 HP0379 HP0093 HP0619 jhp0562* HP0208 jhp0820 HP0217
JP9 hpEastAsia + absent
GU17 hpEastAsia missing missing EMPTY
GU5 hpEastAsia absent + EMPTY
RE12001 hpEastAsia + EMPTY
L133 hpEastAsia +
L7 hpLadakh missing missing absent EMPTY
L72 hpLadakh + absent EMPTY
L67 hpLadakh absent + absent EMPTY
B225 hpEurope + absent
26695 hpEurope absent absent
SS1 hpEurope +
H1413 hpEurope + EMPTY
NQ367 hpEurope + EMPTY
111UK hpEurope + EMPTY
VZ21 hpEurope absent +
105UK hpEurope +
LSU2003-1 hpAfrica1 +
J99 hpAfrica1 +
C164 hpAfrica1 +
CC31C hpAfrica1 missing +
CC42C hpAfrica1 missing missing EMPTY
129 hpAfrica2 +
162 hpAfrica2 + absent
  1. Status of the genes is coded as followed:
  2. , gene present and harbouring the repeat
  3. , phase variable gene present but repeat absent or stabilized (i.e. repeat interrupted by one or more bases or a homopolymeric tract < 7 bp or dinucleotide tracts with < 5 repeats)
  4. , phase variable gene harbouring a repeat, whereas a stabilized repeat was found previously [12]
  5. EMPTY, empty site, i.e. the phase variable gene was found using primers designed within the coding sequence in regions immediately adjacent to the phase variable tract [12], but the site is found to be empty in this study
  6. missing, missing data, i.e. the PCR product was obtained but could not be sequenced absent, gene absent
  7. * jhp0562 is a non phase variable homologue of HP0619 (+: jhp0562 present)