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Table 2 Five examples of genomic difference from three categories: Bp-specific; Bt-specific and Bp-Bt divergent. Genes associated with genomic islands are not included in this table

From: Genomic patterns of pathogen evolution revealed by comparison of Burkholderia pseudomallei, the causative agent of melioidosis, to avirulent Burkholderia thailandensis

Bp-specific genes Bt-specific genes Bp-Bt divergent genes
Bp genes Functional notes Size (Kb) GC (%) Bt genes Functional notes Size (Kb) GC (%) Bt genes Functional notes of Bt gene Size (Kb) GC (%) Bp genes Functional notes of Bp gene Size (Kb) GC (%)
BPSS0995- Secondary metabolites 69 71.7 BTH_II1662- Polyketide biosynthesi 89 73 BTH_I2687- Transposase; unknown 12.6 57.4 BPSL2036- Unknown function 6.5 55.4
BPSS1011 biosynthesis; lipid transport and metabolism genes    BTH_II1682 s proteins+    BTH_I2692 proteins    BPSL2040 genes   
BPSS2210- Miscellaneous clusters, 60 71.8 BTH_II0143- Flagella system, 58 65 BTH_II1612- Miscellaneous clusters, 12.4 66 BPSS0779- Miscellaneous clusters, 11.2 70.9
BPSS2263 including lipopolysaccharides biosynthesis genes; signal transduction mechanisms genes; etc.    BTH_II0197 chemotaxis-assoicated proteins+    BTH_II1622 including Energy production and conversion genes; transcriptional regulators etc.    BPSS0784 including Secondary metabolites biosynthesis; energy production and conversion genes   
BPSS1632 Probable non-ribosomal 53 67.1 BTH_II0913- Miscellaneous clusters 45.2 69 BTH_II0079- Transposase 9.8 69.1 BPSS0068- Transposase; regulator 8.1 65.1
BPSS1640 peptide synthetase (NRPS) cluster    BTH_II0943     BTH_II0083     BPSS0074 protein   
BPSS1375- Type III systems 1 47 64.3 BTH_II0054- RND multi-drug efflux 28.4 65 BTH_I1328- GDP-D-rhamnose 9.7 66.2 BPSL2793- Capsule biosynthesis 13.9 57.1
BPSS1412 (TTS1)*    BTH_II0072 proteins    BTH_I1335 biosynthesis+    BPSL2806 proteins*   
BPSL2848- Phosphonate utilization 12 70.9 BTH_II1626- L-arabinose assimilation 10.4 71 BTH_II0431- Transposase 6.8 62.4 BPSS1940- Signal transduction; 4.4 69.4
BPSL2860 operon+    BTH_II1633 operon *    BTH_II0436     BPSS1941 chemotaxis   
  1. * genes associated with this functional difference have been reported.
  2. + genes associated with this functional difference are firstly reported