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Archived Comments for: The Bacillus anthracis chromosome contains four conserved, excision-proficient, putative prophages

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  1. Error?

    Marco Riojas, ATCC

    13 June 2011

    The caption for Figure 1 lists the primers used in the multiplex PCR, including ORF03655 F-R. However, this appears to conflict with the information provided in Table 1, which states that ORF03655 F-R was only used in singleplex. Further, Table 1 also states that ORF03991 F-R was used in the multiplex. Should the caption for Figure 1 read "ORF03991" rather than "ORF03655"? Aside from being consistent with Table 1, this would make more sense as all four prophages would be amplified, rather than only three (with Prophage #2 represented twice.)

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