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Table 4 Bacterial strains and plasmids used in this study.

From: Identification of potential CepR regulated genes using a cep box motif-based search of the Burkholderia cenocepacia genome

Strain or plasmid Description and relevant genotype Source
E. coli   
DH5α φ80dlacZ ΔM15 (lacZYA-argF) recA1 endA gyrA96 thi -1 hsdR17 supE44 relA1 deoR U169 Invitrogen
SM10 Mobilizing strain, RP4 tra genes integrated in the chromosome, Kmr [50]
DH10B F-mcrA Δ(mrr-hds RMS-mcr BC) φ80dlac ZΔM15 Δlac X74 end A1 rec A1 deo R Δ(ara, leu)7697 ara D139 gal U gal K nup G rps L λ- Invitrogen
JM109 F' end A1 rec A1 gyr A96 thi hsd R17 (rk- mk+) rel A1 sup E44 Δ(lac-pro AB) [F' tra D36 pro AB laq IqZΔM15] Promega
B. cenocepacia   
K56-2 Cystic fibrosis respiratory isolate [51]
K56-R2 cepR:: Tn5-OT182 derivative of K56-2, Tcr [11]
K56-I2 cepI::tp derivative of K56-2, Tpr [11]
K56-dI2 cepI deletion mutant of K56-2 [35]
CLW101 cepI::tp::Tn5-OT182 derivative of K56-2, Tcr, Tpr [20]
K56-I2-P1 BCAM03092:: Tn5-OT182 derivative of K56-I2, Tcr This study
K56-I2-P3 BCAM0957:: Tn5-OT182 derivative of K56-I2, Tcr This study
K56-I2-P5 BCAS0293:: Tn5-OT182 derivative of K56-I2, Tcr This study
K56-I2-P9 BCAM2631:: Tn5-OT182 derivative of K56-I2, Tcr This study
K56-I2-P12 BCAM2630:: Tn5-OT182 derivative of K56-I2, Tcr This study
K56-I2-2PB2 Tn5-OT182 derivative of K56-I2, Tcr This study
K56-I2-NB12 BCAM1187:: Tn5-OT182 derivative of K56-I2, Tcr This study
pCR®2.1 TOPO PCR cloning vector, pUC ori, Plac, lacZα, KmR ApR Invitrogen
pOT182 pSUP102(GM)::Tn5-OT182, Cmr, Tcr, Gmr, Apr [40]
pALTER®-Ex 1 mutagenesis plasmid, Tcr Promega
pSLS225 pUCP26 with 1.5 kb Sph I-Kpn I fragment containing the cepI gene, Tcr [11]
pCPI101 pCR®2.1 TOPO with a 266 bp fragment containing the cepI promoter, Apr, Kmr This study
pCPI201 pAlter®-Ex 1 with the Bam HI-Xba I fragment from pCPI101, Tcr This study
pMS402 Broad host range vector with promoterless luxCDABE operon, Tpr, Kmr [29]
pCPI301 pMS402 with the Bam HI-Xho I fragment containing the wild type cepI promoter region from pCPI101, Tpr, Kmr This study
pCPI303-313 pMS402 containing the Bam HI-Xho I fragments containing the cepI promoter region with the cep box mutations designated 303-313, Tpr, Kmr This study
pRK2013 ColE1 Tra (RK2)+, Kmr [52]
pPHU301 pMS402 containing the phuR promoter region This study
pAYL301 pMS402 containing the acyltransferase promoter region This study
pSCP301 pMS402 containing the scpB promoter region This study
pAID301 pMS402 containing the aidA promoter region This study
pMST005 pMS402 containing the MST005 promoter region This study
pMST011 pMS402 containing the MST011 promoter region This study
pMST028 pMS402 containing the MST028 promoter region This study
pMST052 pMS402 containing the MST052 promoter region This study
pMST059 pMS402 containing the MST059 promoter region This study
pMST068 pMS402 containing the MST068 promoter region This study
pMST112 pMS402 containing the MST112 promoter region This study