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Figure 6

From: Herpesvirus pan encodes a functional homologue of BHRF1, the Epstein-Barr virus v-Bcl-2

Figure 6

Mapping of amino acid changes in H. pan BHRF1 on the EBV BHRF1 structure. The structure of the first 160 amino acids of EBV BHRF1 was visualised by importing the structural data file (1q59.pdb) into RasMol v2.6, which converts the structural data into a 3 D image (Figure 6A) Using the RasMol edit commands we have highlighted the BH domains in red, whilst the remainder of the protein is shown in dark blue. Conservative replacements in the H. pan protein are highlighted in light blue and non-conservative replacements are shown in yellow. For comparison the aligned amino acid sequenced are shown in Figure 6B, using the same colour coding as in Figure 6A.

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