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Table 1 Plasmids and strains

From: Doxycycline-regulated gene expression in the opportunistic fungal pathogen Aspergillus fumigatus

Plasmids Selectable marker Transactivator
  Promoter Gene Terminator Promoter Gene Terminator
p473 - - - gpdA(-679) tTA cgrA
p434 gpdA(-679) hph trpC gpdA(-679) tTA cgrA
p444 gpdA(-679) ble CYC1 gpdA(-679) tTA cgrA
p474 - - - gpdA(-679) rtTA cgrA
p502 gpdA(-679) hph trpC gpdA(-679) rtTA cgrA
p480 gpdA(-679) ble CYC1 gpdA(-679) rtTA cgrA
p482 tetO7-gpdA(-175) hph trpC - - -
p500 TcgrA-tetO7-PgpdA(-175) hph trpC - - -
Strains Genotype/construction Source
wt H237 David Holden
Af-tTA-1 H237 (p444, p482) – isolate 1 This study
Af-tTA-2 H237 (p444, p482) – isolate 2 This study
Af-rtTA H237 (p480, p500) This study