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Figure 2

From: 16S rRNA gene based analysis of Enterobacter sakazakii strains from different sources and development of a PCR assay for identification

Figure 2

Agarose gel analyses of selected target and non-target strains after amplification of the DNA using the PCR system established by Keyser et al. [10] and the system developed in this study. Lane 1, 6, 10: MWM (Roche XIV), lane 2: E. sakazakii ATCC 29004, 3: E. sakazakii ATCC 51329, 4: E. sakazakii fruit powder isolate, 5: E. cloacae, wild strain amplified with the Keyser PCR system; lane 7 – 10 same strains amplified with the system developed in this study.

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