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Table 1 TLR 5 reponds to flagellin and activates NF-κB

From: Flagellin acting via TLR5 is the major activator of key signaling pathways leading to NF-κB and proinflammatory gene program activation in intestinal epithelial cells

  No Stim TNF Flic
Vector 1 13.5 4.9
TLR1 1.7 ND 5.1
TLR2 1.6 ND 5.3
TLR3 1.5 ND 5.0
TLR4 1.8 ND 5.4
TLR5 1.6 ND 9.2*
TLR7 1.5 ND 5.2
TLR8 1.4 ND 5.0
TLR9 1.5 ND 5.1
  1. 293T cells were transfected with empty vector (pCDNA3.1) or the individual listed wild-type TLR alleles in triplicate in 6-well dishes. Cells were left untreated (No Stim), TNFα (10 ng/ml) or flagellin (1 μg/ml). NF-κB reporter activity was adjusted by normalizing expression to control Renilla luciferase activity and fold induction was calculated as reporter gene activity in treated cells/reporter gene activity in non-stimulated cells. ND is not determined.