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Table 1 List of all domains identified by described methods, as well as their likely function and number in S. coelicolor.

From: New Knowledge from Old: In silico discovery of novel protein domains in Streptomyces coelicolor

Pfam Accession No Family Name Pfam Type Basic Function No of copies in S. coelicolor Antibiotic biosynthesis Cell Wall Biosynth Cell Wall/Periplasm Replication Secreted
A) Novel Families
PF03457 HA Domain Putative RNA binding domain 21     X  
PF03621 MbtH Domain Possibly involved in antibiotic biosynthesis 2 X     
PF03625 DUF302 Domain Unknown function 3    X   X
PF03640 Lipoprotein_15 Repeat Unknown function 6    X   X
PF03703 DUF304 Domain Unknown function 4    X   X
PF03704 BTAD Family Bacterial transcriptional activator domain 12 X     
PF03710 GlnE Domain Glutamate-ammonia ligase adenylyltransferase 2      
PF03713 DUF305 Domain Unknown function 6    X   X
PF03714 PUD Domain Putative carbohydrate binding domain 2    X   X
PF03724 DUF306 Domain Unknown function 2      X
PF03729 DUF308 Repeat Unknown function 6    X   X
PF03733 DUF307 Domain Unknown function 2    X   X
PF03752 ALF Repeat Putative signal transduction domains 16      X
PF03756 AfsA_repeat Repeat A-factor biosynthesis 2 X     
PF03771 SPDB Domain (Probably) mobile element replication 16      
PF03777 DUF320 Domain Unknown function 11    X   X
PF03779 SPW Repeat Unknown function 2    X   
PF03793 PASTA Domain Cell wall peptidoglycan sensor domain 9   X X X X
PF03794 HHE Domain Unknown function 7   X    
PF03795 YCII Domain Probably enzymatic domain 3      
PF03860 DUF326 Domain Unknown function 6    X   
PF03984 DUF346 Repeat Unknown function (β-propeller) 7    X   X
PF03988 DUF347 Repeat Unknown function 4    X   
PF03990 DUF348 Domain Unknown function 3    X   X
PF03992 ABM Domain Antibiotic biosynthesis monooxygenase 3 X     
PF03993 DUF349 Domain Unknown function 3      
PF03994 DUF350 Domain Unknown function 2    X   X
PF03995 DUF351 Domain Unknown function 4      X
PF04151 PPC Domain PKD-like peptidase C-terminal domain 3      X
PF04205 FMN_bind Domain FMN-binding domain 2    X   X
PF05120 GvpG Domain Gas vesicle protein G 2      X
PF05121 GvpK Domain Gas vesicle protein K 2      
PF05122 SpdB Domain Mobile element transfer proteins 2      
B) Previously Described New Pfam Families
PF03458 UPF01261 Domain Unknown function 4    X   X
PF03459 TOBE2 Domain Transport-associated OB fold domain 9    X   
PF03707 MHYT3 Repeat Putative ligand receptor 6    X   X
PF03989 DNA_gyraseA_C4 Repeat DNA-binding β-propeller 8     X  
C) Significantly Extended Families
PF00188 SCP Domain Unknown function 4    X   X
PF01839 FG-GAP Repeat Putative β-propeller 57    X   X
  1. This table shows all new Pfam families added during this investigation. Part A shows entirely novel families. Part B shows families that are new to Pfam but have been previously described in the literature: (1) SWISS-PROT; (2) [54]; (3) [55]; (4) [56]. Part C shows families that have had significant extensions to them – for instance SCP was previously thought to be present only in eukaryotes. Domains highlighted in blue are discussed in further detail in section 3.2.