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Table 1 Phenotype of gene inactivation in the mtn region.

From: The methionine salvage pathway in Bacillus subtilis

Gene name Strain Growth on MTR as sole sulfur source
Wild type +O2a 168 normal growth after four days
Wild type -O2a 168 no growth after four days
mtnS (ykrS)b BSHP7010 no growth
mtnK (ykrT) BFS1850 no growth
mtnU (ykrU) BFS1851 no growth (numerous revertants)
mtnV (ykrV) BSHP7020 normal growth
mtnW (ykrW) BSHP7014 no growth
mtnX (ykrX) BFS1852 normal growth
mtnY (ykrY) BSHP7016 no growth
mtnZ (ykrZ) BFS1853 weak residual growth
  1. a. See Materials and methods; nitrate was used as an electron acceptor. b. Former gene names are given in brackets.