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Archived Comments for: Hepatitis C virus whole genome position weight matrix and robust primer design

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  1. Information Update

    Ping Qiu, Schering Plough Research Institute

    29 May 2003

    It has been brought to our attention by Professor Rogan, that we had inadvertently failed to acknowledge his prior efforts in the area of PCR primer design. (Tooley, P.W., Salvo, J.J., Schneider, T.D. and Rogan, P.K. 1998 J. Phytopathology, 146, 427-430; US Ser #5,849,492 (PK Rogan, Method for rapid identification of prokaryotic and eukaryotic organisms) and Rogan PK, Salvo JJ, Stephens RM, Schneider TD: Design of universal polymerase chain reaction primers for amplification of 28S rDNA. In: Visualizing Biological Information, CA Pickover (ed). World Scientific, River Edge NJ, 1995.). His basic approach to identifying high information content regions of bacterial chromosomes is comparable to the approach we used for the analysis of the hepatitis C virus quasispecies. We deeply regret this oversight, however as none of the sources is indexed on Medline/PubMed, we were unaware of his previous efforts in this area.

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  2. A splendid base for primer design

    Jun Zhang, LifeRiver Ltd.

    25 July 2008

    Based on the PWM, I designed whole genome cloning primers(10 pairs) and genotyping primers(1 pair). They work well in my experiments.

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