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Table 2 Primer pairs used to PCR-amplify sequences adjacent to different IS elements.

From: Genomic comparisons among Escherichia coli strains B, K-12, and O157:H7 using IS elements as molecular markers

IS element Name and sequence of the primers
IS1 G3: 5' gtc atc ggg cat tat ctg aac 3'
  G4: 5' aga agc cac tgg agc acc 3'
IS2 G177: 5' cat agt gcg ctg ggt tat cg 3'
  G178: 5' gtc tgc gtt tct ccg gcc ta 3'
IS3 G155: 5' agt aac acc gat gcg ttc ag 3'
  G154: 5' ctg cta cga taa tgc ctg cg 3'
IS4 G232: 5' acc aga tca aga gcc tgt cc 3'
  G233: 5' cct tcc cga gag tgg taa ag 3'
IS30 G228: 5' cct ctg ctg taa atg ttc gtc tca 3'
  G229: 5' ggt tgc tgc tca gct aaa caa cag 3'
IS150 G5: 5' gat cct gta acc atc atc ag 3'
  G6: 5' ctg aag gat gct gtt acg g 3'
IS186 G7:5' cgg cat tac gtg ccg aag 3'
  G8: 5' ggt ggc cat tcg tgg gac 3'