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Table 2 Chitinase activity of P. chlororaphis strain PA23 and derivative strains

From: The requirement for the LysR-type regulator PtrA for Pseudomonas chlororaphis PA23 biocontrol revealed through proteomic and phenotypic analysis

Strain Chitinase Activity (A550*min−1*mg total protein−1)
  Early stationary phasea Late stationary phasea
PA23 (pUCP22) 0.11 (0.03) 0.12 (0.004)
PA23-443 (pUCP22) 0.0 (0.0)b 0.0 (0.0)c
PA23-443 (ptrA-pUCP22) 0.10 (0.03)d 0.11 (0.01)e
  1. aMean (standard deviation) of enzyme activity of three replicates.
  2. bSignificantly different from wild type (P < 0.005).
  3. cSignificantly different from wild type (P < 0.0001).
  4. dNot significantly different from wild type.
  5. eSignificantly different from wild type (P < 0.05).