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Table 2 Climatic parameters recorded by regional service during sampling month

From: Endophytic bacterial community of grapevine leaves influenced by sampling date and phytoplasma infection process

Month Mean T Value min T Value max T Total rainfall Humidity Wind
June 22.4°C 13.1°C 33.8°C 62.8 mm 51% 15 Km/h
July 26.6°C 15.0°C 36.0°C 1.2 mm 51% 8 Km/h
August 23.4°C 13.2°C 32.1°C 66.2 mm 59% 9 Km/h
September 18.3°C 9.6°C 28.3°C 31.2 mm 66% 9 Km/h
October 13.6°C 4.4°C 23.8°C 78.4 mm 82% 13 Km/h