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Table 3 Bacterial species targeted using this approach and the media required to isolate them

From: The Unculturables: targeted isolation of bacterial species associated with canine periodontal health or disease from dental plaque

Canine oral taxon Species Media Atmosphere Disease association
COT-005 Peptostreptococcaceae XI [G-1] sp. HIA Anaerobic PD
COT-084 Odoribacter denticanis HIA Anaerobic PD
COT-107 Globicatella sp. HIA Aerobic Health
COT-036 LachnospiraceaeXIVa [G-3] sp. HIA Anaerobic PD
COT-044 Peptococcus sp. COT-044† ASA Anaerobic PD
COT-064 Filifactor sp. ZP078 HIA Anaerobic  
COT-227 Peptostreptococcus sp. HIA Anaerobic  
COT-388 Clostridiales III [G-3] sp. HIA Anaerobic PD
COT-033 Peptostreptococcus sp.* CBA H + M Anaerobic  
COT-016 Neisseria animaloris* CBA Aerobic  
COT-192 Porphyromonas sp. IJD1952* CBA H + M Anaerobic  
COT-108 Porphyromonas canoris* CBA H + M Anaerobic  
COT-052 Porphyromonas gulae II* CBA H + M Anaerobic  
COT-080 Pasteurellaceae [G-2] sp.* CBA Aerobic Health
COT-029 Tissierella sp. COT-029 Not isolated Anaerobic  
COT-306 Chloroflexi sp. COT-306 Not isolated Aerobic PD
COT-280 Conchiformibius steedae COT-280 Not isolated Aerobic  
  1. The canine oral taxon number relates to taxonomy assigned to species identified as part of a culture independent survey of the canine oral microbiome (Dewhirst et al.,[9]). †denotes the requirement of helper strain P. acnes and *denotes previously isolated species that were targeted for a study of intra-species diversity.