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Table 1 Identified proteins

From: Comparing the different morphotypes of a fish pathogen - implications for key virulence factors in Flavobacterium columnare

Band name Size (kDa) on gel Protein identification by nanoLC-ESI-MS/MS Match to ORF [Accession number in NCBI] Best hit in BLAST: identity % (query cover %) Predicted size (kDa)
1 ≈ 55 Hypothetical protein FCOL_07765 [YP_004942163.1] FCOL_11410 47% (100%) 53.5
2 ≈ 55 OmpA family outer membrane protein P60 FCOL_09105 [YP_004942423.1] FP0156 Outer membrane protein precursor; OmpA family P60 [F. psychrophilum JIP02/86] 70% (100%) 50.2
3 45 Hypothetical protein FCOL_02860 [YP_004941210.1] FP1486 Protein of unknown function [F. psychrophilum JIP02/86] 55% (98%) 44.5
4 35 Hypothetical protein FCOL_08865 [YP_004942378.1] FP0017 Putative cell surface protein precursor SprF [F. psychrophilum JIP02/86] 68% (94%) 37.9
5 20 Hypothetical protein FCOL_11765 [YP_004942947.1] FP2260 Protein of unknown function precursor [F. psychrophilum JIP02/86] 48% (100%) 24.4
ECP 13 Hypothetical protein FCOL_04265 [YP_004941480.1] - 18,1
  1. Protein identification of the membrane vesicle contents and the extracellular protein of Flavobacterium columnare B067 by nanoLC-ESI-MS/MS, and the subsequent identification by BLAST search. ORF annotation refers to F. columnare ATCC 49512 complete genome [NCBI: NC_016510].