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Table 2 Oligonucleotide sequences used to determine the minimal length of single-stranded and double-stranded DNA for DNA–Imu3 complex formation

From: The Escherichia coli uropathogenic-specific-protein-associated immunity protein 3 (Imu3) has nucleic acid -binding activity

Oligonucleotide 5′-3′ sequence gCc
6-mer (M13) gCggTTcv 67
7-mer (M13) gCggTTC 63
8-mer (M13) TggCggTT 63
9-mer (M13) gTggCggTT 67
10-mer (M13) ggTggCggTT 70
11-mer (M13) ggTggCggTTC 73
12-mer (M13) AgggTggCggTT 67
13-mer (M13) gAgggTggCggTT 69
14-mer (M13) gAgggTggCggTTC 71
15-mer (M13) gAgggTggCggTTCT 67
15-gCgC (poly GC) gCgCgCgCgCgCgCg 100
  1. The lengths of the oligonucleotides spanned from 6 to 32 nucleotides.