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Table 2 The alignment results of 36-25-1 and EGDe

From: Comparison of the major virulence-related genes of Listeria monocytogenes in Internalin A truncated strain 36-25-1 and a clinical wild-type strain

Gene Mutation type Mutation loci EGDe allelic type* 36-25-1 allelic type* Function of mutation loci
actA N/A     
ami N/A     
aut N/A     
ctaP N/A     
dltA Silence 891 T (N) C (N) AMP binding site
fbpA N/A     
fri N/A     
gap N/A     
gtcA Missense 200 T (F) C (S) Function unknown
inlA Nonsense 1578 A (K) T (*) Listeria-bacteroides repeat domain
inlB N/A     
inlC N/A     
inlH N/A     
inlJ N/A     
lap N/A     
lgt N/A     
hly N/A     
lntA N/A     
lpeA N/A     
lplA1 N/A     
lsp N/A     
mpl N/A     
mprF N/A     
murA N/A     
oppA N/A     
iap Insertion 982 N/A ACAAATACAAAT (TNTN) Non coding region
pgdA N/A     
pgl N/A     
plcA N/A     
plcB N/A     
prsA2 N/A     
pycA N/A     
recA N/A     
sipZ N/A     
sod N/A     
svpA N/A     
  1. *In the allelic type columns, the amino acid residues are described in the parenthesis.