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Table 5 A. fumigatus secondary metabolite biosynthetic gene clusters determined by SMURF, antiSMASH and by manual annotation or experimental characterization

From: Comprehensive annotation of secondary metabolite biosynthetic genes and gene clusters of Aspergillus nidulans, A. fumigatus, A. niger and A. oryzae

A. fumigatuscluster summary
  Backbone enzyme SMURF antiSMASH Manual/experimental Boundary 1 Boundary 2 Reference
Fumigaclavine C (fga) cluster* Afu2g18040 Afu2g17930 - Afu2g18070 Afu2g17950 - Afu2g18070 Afu2g17960 - Afu2g18060 ED ED [48]
Fumitremorgin B (ftm) cluster* Afu8g00210 Afu8g00280 - Afu8g00100 Afu8g00100 - Afu8g00110 Afu8g00260 - Afu8g00170 ED ED [49]
Gliotoxin (gli) cluster* Afu6g09650 Afu6g09580 - Afu6g09740 Afu6g09520 - Afu6g09745 Afu6g09630 - Afu6g09740 ED, IGD ED [50]
Pseurotin A cluster* Afu8g00540 - Afu8g00342 - Afu8g00595 Afu8g005340 - Afu8g00570 ED ED [35]
Siderophore (sid) cluster* Afu3g03420 Afu3g03280 - Afu3g03580 Afu3g03270 - Afu3g03490 Afu3g03300 - Afu3g03460 ED ED [48]
Afu1g01010 cluster Afu1g01010 Afu1g00970 - Afu1g01010 Afu1g00970 - Afu1g01030 Afu1g00980 - Afu1g01010 FA IGD This study
Afu1g10380 (nrps1) cluster Afu1g10380 Afu1g10310 - Afu1g10380 Afu1g10310 - Afu1g10420 Afu1g10270 - Afu1g10380 ECS IGD This study
Afu1g17200 (sidC) cluster Afu1g17200 Afu1g17080 - Afu1g17240 Afu1g17090 - Afu1g17270 Afu1g17200 - Afu1g17240 ECS ECS This study
Afu1g17740 cluster Afu1g17740 Afu1g17710 - Afu1g17740 Afu1g17720 - Afu1g17750 Afu1g17710 - Afu1g17740 ECS ECS This study
Afu2g01290 cluster Afu2g01290 Afu2g01170 - Afu2g01400 Afu2g01210 - Afu2g01390 Afu2g01280 - Afu2g01330 ECS ECS This study
Afu2g05760 cluster Afu2g05760 Afu2g05730 - Afu2g05840 - Afu2g05740 - Afu2g05830 IGD IGD This study
Afu2g17600 cluster Afu2g17600 Afu2g17511 - Afu2g17600 Afu2g17490 - Afu2g17690 Afu2g17480 - Afu2g17600 IGD IGD This study
Afu3g01410 cluster Afu3g01410 Afu3g01400 - Afu3g01560 Afu3g01360 - Afu3g01560 Afu3g01400 - Afu3g01480 IGD IGD This study
Afu3g02530 cluster Afu3g02530 Afu3g02450 - Afu3g02540 Afu3g02450 - Afu3g02650 Afu3g02520 - Afu3g02650 FA IGD This study
Afu3g02570 cluster Afu3g02570 Afu3g02570 - Afu3g02650 Afu3g02450 - Afu3g02650 Afu3g02520 - Afu3g02650 FA IGD This study
Afu3g02670 cluster Afu3g02670 Afu3g02670 - Afu3g02760 Afu3g02670 - Afu3g02760 Afu3g02670 - Afu3g02720 ECS, IGD ECS, IGD This study
Afu3g12920 cluster Afu3g12920 Afu3g12960 - Afu3g12750 Afu3g13020 - Afu3g12820 Afu3g12960 - Afu3g12890 ECS ECS This study
Afu3g12930 cluster Afu3g12930 Afu3g13000 - Afu3g12750 Afu3g13020 - Afu3g12820 Afu3g12960 - Afu3g12890 ECS ECS This study
Afu3g13730 cluster Afu3g13730 Afu3g13730 - Afu3g13600 Afu3g13790 - Afu3g13600 Afu3g13750 - Afu3g13670 IGD FA This study
Afu3g14700 cluster Afu3g14700 Afu3g14880 - Afu3g14690 Afu3g14820 - Afu3g14620 Afu3g14730 - Afu3g14690 ECS FA This study
Afu3g15270 cluster Afu3g15270 Afu3g15290 - Afu3g15250 Afu3g15350 - Afu3g15190 Afu3g15290 - Afu3g15240 ECS, IGD ECS This study
Afu4g00210 cluster Afu4g00210 Afu4g00260 - Afu4g00210 Afu4g00290 - Afu4g00150 Afu4g00260 - Afu4g00200 IGD ECS This study
Afu4g14560 cluster Afu4g14560 Afu4g14730 - Afu4g14420 Afu4g14660 - Afu4g14440 Afu4g14610 - Afu4g14450 ECS ECS This study
Afu5g10120 cluster Afu5g10120 Afu5g10250 - Afu5g09970 Afu5g10240 - Afu5g10010 Afu5g10130 - Afu5g10040 ECS FA This study
Afu5g12730 cluster Afu5g12730 Afu5g12840 - Afu5g12720 Afu5g12830 - Afu5g12680 Afu5g12770 - Afu5g12730 FA ECS This study
Afu6g03480 cluster Afu6g03480 Afu6g03620 - Afu6g03430 Afu6g03550 - Afu6g03400 Afu6g03490 - Afu6g03430 ECS ECS, IGD This study
Afu6g08560 cluster Afu6g08560 Afu6g08540 - Afu6g08560 Afu6g08520 - Afu6g08640 Afu6g08550 - Afu6g08560 ECS ECS ECS, IGD
Afu6g12080 cluster Afu6g12080 Afu6g12040 - Afu6g12160 Afu6g11980 - Afu6g12145 Afu6g12040 - Afu6g12080 ECS ECS This study
Afu6g13930 cluster Afu6g13930 Afu6g13830 - Afu6g14050 Afu6g13820 - Afu6g14030 Afu6g13920 - Afu6g14000 ECS ECS This study
Afu7g00170 cluster Afu7g00170 Afu7g00200 - Afu7g00120 Afu7g00220 - Afu7g00100 Afu7g00190 - Afu7g00120 ECS ECS, IGD This study
Afu8g00540 cluster Afu8g00540 Afu8g00370 - Afu8g00370 Afu8g00490 - Afu8g00310 - n/a n/a This study
Afu8g00620 cluster Afu8g00620 Afu8g00640 - Afu8g00470 Afu8g00720 - Afu8g00390 - n/a n/a This study
Afu8g01640 cluster Afu8g01640 Afu8g01640 - Afu8g01640 Afu8g01600 - Afu8g01730 Afu8g01630 - Afu8g01640 ECS, IGD ECS, IGD This study
Afu8g02350 cluster Afu8g02350 Afu8g02460 - Afu8g02350 Afu8g02490 - Afu8g02280 Afu8g02430 - Afu8g02350 ECS, IGD ECS, IGD This study
No PKS or NRPS backbone 1 n/a - Afu4g11170 - Afu4g11300 - n/a n/a  
No PKS or NRPS backbone 2 n/a - Afu4g11980 - Afu4g12070 - n/a n/a  
No PKS or NRPS backbone 3 n/a - Afu5g00100 - Afu5g04130 - n/a n/a  
No PKS or NRPS backbone 4 n/a - Afu7g00230 -Afu7g00350 Afu5g00100 - Afu5g00135 ECS, IGD ECS, IGD This study
No PKS or NRPS backbone 5 n/a - Afu7g01180 - Afu7g01270 Afu7g00260 - Afu7g00270 ECS, FA ECS This study
  1. * Experimentally characterized; Abbreviations: ECS, End of cluster synteny; IGD, Increase in intergenic distance; FA, Change in functional annotation; ED, Experimentally determined (1).